Studying abroad is required for Chinese majors, and strongly encouraged for minors. Deciding on a study abroad program in China or Taiwan and submitting an application takes preparation and planning. You should schedule a time to talk with your Chinese major/minor advisor as early as possible to begin this process. The department also typically hosts a study abroad information session during the fall semester to help students understand the study abroad requirement and share student experiences.

Your Chinese major/minor advisor will provide suggestions and recommendations on specific programs, advice on living in an East Asian cultural environment, and help you consider other important factors, such as internship opportunities, etc. After meeting with your Chinese advisor, you should also schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor in the GPS office. GPS assists students with many of the logistical concerns of studying abroad, and can provide our majors/minors with practical advice and the details of transferring credits.

The department recommends that most Chinese majors or minors fulfill their study abroad requirement after completing two years of language study at Wake Forest; reaching the Intermediate High or Advanced Low proficiency level while abroad maximizes the study abroad experience. Other important factors are a language pledge, hours spent in the classroom, geographical location, textbooks and teaching methods, etc. In addition to the programs we recommend, we are open to considering transfer credit from other programs. If you find a program that is not recommended or already recorded on the GPS Study Abroad page for China or Taiwan, make sure it gets pre-approved by the Chinese Program faculty and GPS before your study abroad term begins.

Recommended programs

CET Taiwan (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

CIEE Beijing (Fall, Spring, or Summer)

CIEE Shanghai (Fall, Spring, or Summer)