Major in Chinese

  • Major Curriculum

    Requires 29 hours including four advanced language courses beyond CHI 201. Study abroad in China or Taiwan is also required. Under special circumstances, a student may substitute an approved intensive immersion program in the U.S. for the study abroad requirement. A minimum C average is required for all courses in the major.

    Required major courses:

    CHI 220  Third-year Chinese I (4)
    CHI 230  Third-year Chinese II (4)
    CHI 231  Fourth-year Chinese (3)
    CHI 255  Business Chinese (3) or CHI 291  Special Topics in Chinese
    EAL 375  Senior Research Seminar (3)

    Select one elective in Chinese history, religion, or politics:

    HST 244  Pre-Modern China to 1850 (3)
    HST 245  Modern China since 1850 (3)
    HST 344 Early Modernity in China (3)
    HST 352  Ten Years of Madness: The Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966 to 1976 (3)
    REL 382  Religion and Culture in China (3)
    POL 248  Chinese Politics (3)

    Select two electives in Chinese literature, film and/or culture:

    EAL 221  Themes in Chinese Literature I (3)
    EAL 222  Themes in Chinese Literature II (3)
    EAL 223  Traditional Chinese Literature (3)
    EAL 231  Early 20th-century Chinese Modernism (3)
    EAL 252  Chinese Cinemas (3)
    EAL 271  Mass Culture in Modern China (3)
    EAL 272  Fiction and Film from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Beyond (3)
    EAL 273  Kung Fu China: Culture, Narrative, Globalization (3)

    Select one elective in East Asian/Korean/Japanese literature, film, or culture:

    EAL 219  Major Works of Japanese Literature I (3)
    EAL 220  Major Works of Japanese Literature II (3)
    EAL 241  Gender in Japanese Literature (3)
    EAL 253  Japanese Film: Themes and Methods (3)
    EAL 270  Contemporary Japanese Culture (3)
    EAL 275  Survey of East Asian Cultures (3)
    EAL 279  Korean Cinema: History, Gender, and Genre (3)
    EAL 285  Contemporary East Asian Cinema (3)
    WGS 363  Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Korea (3)

  • Learning Outcomes for the Chinese Major
    1. To communicate effectively in the Chinese/Japanese language, use culturally appropriate manners in both written and oral formats, and discuss comfortably a range of topics in general, personal, and professional contexts.
    2. To understand East Asian literary and cultural works in multiple (textual, historical, regional, global, theoretical, etc.) contexts.
    3. To produce scholarship that incorporates critical thinking, planned research, organized writing, engaging presentations, and/or creative application.
    4. To demonstrate an empathetic, engaged, and ethical perspective on culture and cultural studies.
  • Honors

    To graduate with the designation “Honors in Chinese Language and Culture,” following completion of EAL 375, the student must enroll in EAL 376, submit an honors-quality research paper, successfully defend the paper in an oral examination, and earn an overall GPA of 3.0 with an average of 3.3 on work in courses taken as part of the major in Chinese. For additional information, students should consult their Chinese Language and Culture major advisor or the EAL 375 instructor.