Study Abroad in China

Study Abroad in China

Majors in Chinese Language and Literature are required to enroll in a semester-long study abroad program in China. Typically, students receive credit for two Chinese language courses including CHI 290 plus two content courses in Chinese literature, film, culture, history or religion while abroad.

The optimal time to go to China is during the fall semester after completing one or two years of Chinese classes at Wake Forest. This enables students to take the equivalent of CHI 153 or CHI 220 abroad and continue with CHI 201 or CHI 230 upon returning to Wake Forest. Because of their relative brevity, summer programs are not recommended. Students also risk not having an appropriate Chinese class to take after returning from China if they go abroad during the summer. Please note that CHI 201 and CHI 230 are offered in the spring semester only. Before applying to specific programs, it is important that students meet with their major adviser to ensure that the proposed timing and curriculum are appropriate.
Wake Forest University doesn’t operate its own study abroad program in China. Students may apply to the following program providers:



For more options please contact Professor Yaohua Shi or the staff at the Wake Forest Study Abroad Office .

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